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Coffee Shop Stranger (Sebastian Stan x Reader)
Sebastian huddled into his thick jacket as he walked through the streets of New York. It was rather empty for New York standards (So not empty at all.) and he was just desperate to find a place that was warm, and not warmed by the bodies of tons of strangers. He pulled his slouch beanie down further and placed his hands back in his jacket pockets immediately, crossing a street and nodding his head in the driver's direction instead of waving like normal. He looked around for a place to eat that was decent, and eventually he found one he'd never been to, but the cold was really getting to him to the point he didn't even care anymore.
He didn't give himself time to check out the outer decor, just quickly swung open the door and nearly tripped as he walked inside of the warm, fairly empty shop. He righted himself and took his hands out of his pockets, looking around. It was a modern styled place, dark chocolate hardwood oak floors smooth underneath his feet as he walked furt
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 221 61
Kicks (Sebastian Stan x Reader)
You smiled as your finacé came inside from mowing the yard. He had taken his shirt off at some point and ended up tying it around his head, and while normally you'd be all giggly about it, you just couldn't... stop looking... at that bod!
"You know... I'm pretty sure coming inside like that is what lead to our current predicament..." You said as you placed your hand on your bloating belly.
Sebastian laughed, "Well I'm covered in sweat and smell like grass, I think you'd vomit before you had sex with me."
"You may or may not be right, but that's only because I'm pregnant, not because I don't want to. And believe me..." You bit your bottom lip, "I want to."
Sebastian chuckled, "Let's see if you feel the same after a shower." He walked forward to kiss you, but you instantly pulled back, holding your nose.
"Ew, you smell, shower before vomit ruins everything."
Your finac
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 181 16
You're A Puppy (Sebastian Stan x Reader)
You sighed a breath of contentment as you closed the door to your home. You had been out of town for a few weeks filming, leaving your finacé by his lonesome for the time being. He didn't like being alone without you for too long, but you reminded him about the con he was going to with Anthony soon while you were away and it seemed to be enough to him to get through the month.
You chuckled as you remembered Seb's puppy dog eyes, sad you were leaving him even though you had no choice. Seeing his big eyes just made you sad, but you just kissed him goodbye for the thousandth time and left before you missed your flight and got fired from the movie. Again.
But now you were back and just had to wait for Seb to come home from the con, waiting to hear about all the people he met and scold him for not properly doing the ice bucket challenge. But in the meantime you'd shower, maybe take a nap to ease your jet-lagged mind, possibly even text&
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 255 51
Lava Floor - Bucky x Reader
Another dreary day in New York. It's been raining for almost three days straight. No form of sun was breaking through these dark clouds today. I huff as I watch the rain pouring down the window. I lean my elbows against the sill, my head in my hands.
"I'm bored." I grumble.
"So am I." Bucky calls from behind me.
I turn to face him. He lounges on the couch, his arm resting on the back. I slide out of my chair and saunter over to the couch. I crash down on him, my head landing on his chest. I wrap my arms around his waist, enjoying the feeling of his own arms wrapping around me and tugging me closer.
"I'm so bored, Bucky." I whine.
A laugh begins to vibrate through his chest and escapes through his lips. I pull away from his, frowning up at him as he giggles to himself.
"What's so funny?"
He shakes his head. "Nothing, just thinking about this game that me and Steve used to play that could save us from dying of boredom."
"Oh?" I quirk an eyebrow. "And what is it?"
- - - - - - - - - - - -
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 285 35
Fever ((Bucky x Reader, Pt2))
The late afternoon sunlight shone through your bedroom window and you winced at the brightness. You felt something cold against your face and groggily opened your eyes only to be greeted by the glare of metal. Your arms were wrapped around the object. You followed the large, slightly cylindrical piece of metal with your gaze and realized that it was attached to a sleeping Bucky Barnes. It was Bucky's arm. Your eyes widened as you realized he was laying in your bed. He was on top of the blankets, thank goodness, but still incredibly close to you. Any other time, you would have screeched and ordered him out of your bed immediately but for some reason, you couldn't bring yourself to even wake him up.
He was laying on his back, sleeping soundly despite the sunlight and your rustling around. His pink lips were slightly parted and you could see his chest slowly rising and falling with each peaceful breath he took. His long, dark hair fell in messily across his face and the shadow of his stub
:iconfrecklelemonade:FreckleLemonade 8 0
Fever ((Bucky x Reader, Pt1))
You shivered again. How was it possible to feel so cold and so hot at the exact same time? You tried to pull the blankets tighter around yourself but your shivering wasn't getting any better. Your alarm clock went off on the night table beside you but you couldn't bring yourself to shut it off. There was no way you were getting up feeling like this anyway. Soon, there was a knock at your bedroom door.
"(Y/n), are you okay in there?"
You tried to answer but your throat was so dry and sore that nothing but a feeble croak came out. You heard you door open, then footsteps. Someone shut your alarm off. Then, a cool hand was placed on your forehead. It was Natasha.
"You're burning up," she said.
You whimpered in response.
"Hold on, I'll go get some stuff and tell the others to keep it down. You are definitely staying in bed today."
She brushed your hair away from your forehead, tucked the blankets in tighter around you, then left. It felt like an eternity before there was another quiet knock
:iconfrecklelemonade:FreckleLemonade 15 2
Park [Bucky Barnes x Reader] Pt. 2
Park [Bucky Barnes x Reader] Pt. 2
Bucky POV
I sat on the couch of the floor I shared with Steve, Sam, and (Y/N), who some how managed to worm her way into the spot of Best Friend status. I couldn't help it, she was just so cute, sure she and I flirted plenty, but it was all laughter and fun. Anyway, after we all gathered into her room to watch The Patriot, everyone soon found ourselves doing more things together.
Sam, and (Y/N) are in a vicious battle as to see who the best cook is. I'm convinced it's (Y/N), she makes the best burgers.
Steve and Sam, Tony and (Y/N), and Nat and Bruce are all vigorously playing Call of Duty every Sunday morning to determine which team is the best, so far Steve and Sam are winning, but Tony and (Y/N) are both claiming that they've got a trick up their sleeve with the new classes they created for their rematch. They're going to lose.
I however find myself with her more than anyone else. We train together, run in the mornings together, get coffee together
:iconarthionn:Arthionn 8 6
Park [Bucky Barnes x Reader]
The Park
You sat yourself down on a bench in the middle of the park, the cold New York wind seemed to cut straight through your layered outfit. The trees were bare and snow had started to fall, leaving the park pretty much empty, and for you, that was good.
You were assassin who had broken free from SHIELD before its collapse, before the public knew of the Hydra infiltration, before most of SHIELD knew of the infiltration. But now, you worked as a mercenary, a soldier for hire. You chuckled a little bit at the thought.
"And oh how the mighty have fallen."  You turn around and found none other than Clint Barton standing on the sidewalk near your bench.
He wore clothes similar to yours, black tactical pants, a black jacket, a scary, and some gloves, but he held two cups of coffee.
"I saw you walking, figured we could catch up," he said, holding out one of the cups, you patted the spot next to you.
"Alright," you took the coffee he offered and brought it to your lips and took a sip,
:iconarthionn:Arthionn 12 4
Home [Bucky x Reader] Lemon One Shot
You sat down on Clint's front steps, The Avengers were... on a break, as one might put it. You and Bucky were laying low at the farmer's house. Clint, being one of your close friends, was happy to put you two up, so long as Bucky helped with chopping wood and you helped with farming, after all, you were a mutant with the ability to make plants grow. Lately, however, Bucky had been disappearing at nights, sure, you loved and trusted your husband, after all the two of you had been married for almost five years, but it didn't feel right, it was like he was keeping something from you.
Bucky walked out from the house, he had just returned from god knows where, and he sat down next to you, wrapping an arm around you.
"What's the matter, Doll?"
"It's nothing, Buck, nothin', just thinkin' is all," you said sleepily, looking over at him with eyes that said differently.
"Come on a walk with me," he said, you nodded and set off towar
:iconarthionn:Arthionn 16 3
[Life] (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
"It's fucking one in the morning, and who in the name of sweet baby Jesus in a fucking golden cot are you, asshole?!" You shout, aiming your pistol at the man who had just broken into your apartment.
The man has long, messy hair, and scruff that's just not a beard. Dressed in long sleeves and gloves, he freezes as he takes one step around your living room. 
"I said," you say, voice steely calm. "Who the hell are you?!" 
"The Winter Soldier." He says simply.
The name rings a bell, and it's dangerous. But the bell doesn't ring loud enough so that your overreacting brain recognizes it. "Is that some kind of fucking street name, motherfucker? Don't mess with me, asshole, I've been trained by professionals."
You can see the man resisting the urge to laugh. "Think. I've been all over the news after Romanov spilled all of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s secrets."
"I..." You stop. "Fucking hell. You're..." You say angrily, running a hand through your hair. "Okay."
"Okay?" The soldier asks incredulous
:iconreadyaimfireaway:readyaimfireaway 642 43
(Bucky x reader) Nightmare
Summary: set after the events of The Winter Soldier (so there may be spoilers) Bucky has remembered his past and is living in your (an ex S.H.I.E.L.D agent) house (he has yet to find or tell Steve). A rouge Hydra agent breaks into your house. Bucky comforts you afterwards and he gets a haircut. Warning: may include fluff.
You hear the door open and close. So you call out.
“Bucky is that you?” you wait for an answer. No one answers and you hear footsteps along the corridor. You grab the gun Bucky made you have on your person at all times –you silently thank him for that even if you did protest at the idea- you creep along to the door silently. You crouch and lean round the door frame pointing the gun in front of you. You look up to the face of the intruder and find it is some man who you have never seen before. You stand and face him keeping the gun trained on him.
“Who are y
:iconbookedtillsaturday:Bookedtillsaturday 222 10
Winter's Mind [Bucky Barnes x Reader] Ch 1
Working with one of the most brilliant minds in psychiatry had its pluses and minuses, as most jobs do, but it always seemed to you that they were exacerbated by your boss’ quirky nature and his need to work hours on end. You’d studied to become a psychologist, and were just months away from opening your own practice, when Dr. Bachman found you.  
He’d gotten your name from one of your professors, a Dr. Chaney, who had made your life a living hell, during all four years at Stanford. You were shocked to find out that he had actually recommended you, and after some wooing by Dr. Bachman, you’d accepted the position as his assistant.
It wasn’t the kind of assistant that most people think of. There was no typing up letters or emails. There was no need to fetch coffee. In fact, he was the one who usually brought you Starbuck’s each morning. No. He recruited you for your mind. He needed someone he could bounce ideas off of and press for answers, when
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 71 70
Ashlin by surabhiguptaphotoart Ashlin :iconsurabhiguptaphotoart:surabhiguptaphotoart 769 44 Wanda Maximoff: Scarlet Witch by colouredforpleasure Wanda Maximoff: Scarlet Witch :iconcolouredforpleasure:colouredforpleasure 28 4


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